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Clone Wars Adventures

Clone Wars is a great Star Wars based game that allows you to shoot enemies and defeat them on your way to the end line. The game features great graphics and a user-friendly interface. Play with a Darth Vader and use weapons to defeat your enemies on your way.


In this game, you are in control of a character that can fly vertically. You have to fly the character to the top of the tower while the enemies will shoot at you during the journey. You are going to have to defeat those enemies by shooting them or simply avoiding their bullets. The weapon is mainly a gun that can be used to shoot the enemies out of the sky.

The fun part about the game is that you have to do all that with limited fuel. Your fuel will constantly be decreasing as you fly higher, and you are going to have to chase fuel power ups to keep playing the game. You can also replenish or save your fuel by resting on platforms which are usually guarded by enemies.

Clone Wars Adventures is a great game that does not need any high requirements in a system and only requires an internet connection.

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