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Empire vs Rebels 2016

Empire vs. Rebels 2016 is a beautiful flash game. It is one of the most interesting games of 2016. The best part of this game is it features the outer space of the earth. That means the story of this game is related to different planets. When you begin to play this game, you can see the Galactic Empire who has already taken over the galaxy. Now galaxy is the arena where all the planets will exist. Now it is necessary to balance the Force or the power of the galaxy. Now you have to play a vital role to defeat the empire, so that the normal condition can be restored again.

Now you have first to choose your droid which can help you in your plan to defeat the Empire. But the fact is, this is a very difficult task. You have to create your own way through the different planets to find out the LEGO pieces. But the major obstacle is the enemy who stands in your way to stop you from searching the pieces. Even some puzzles are there in the games which try to block the door to force you to stop your searching. Now you have to use your intellect to shoot down the enemies and can create the passage to unlock the doors and to collect the LEGO pieces. It is your responsibility to create force powers to build a model of the galaxy. With this new model, you can lead the Alliance to plan the strategy to fight against the enemy.

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