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Lightsaber Battles

If you are getting bored and want to play a nice and short Star Wars based games, then LightSaber Battles is here for you. This game involves game characters and allows you to control them while you play the game and fight enemies just like in the movies. The game is quite popular among the Star Wars fans.


There are two gameplay modes. First is the story mode in which you can play with four different characters. At first, you can only choose the dark invader and play through the character to end the game. Once you end the game, the other characters get unlocked.

The action involves fighting with the help of light sabers. Your character has to fight multiple enemies one by one and clear stages to reach the end of the storyline. You can also use the force in the game to push the enemies away from you and damage their shields. If you win, you go to the next stage, but if you lose, you can fight that enemy again.

The second mode is the versus mode which allows you to choose any opponent you want and starts fighting them in an arena.

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