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Star Wars is one of the most watched movies around the globe that was based on the Jedi, Yoda and the army of the clones. The Planets of the Christophsis and Teth were the two most relevant entities of the whole series, and hence we have a game based on these two.

There are numerous of star wars games available online in which you will have to win over the different enemies so that you can win the game. Winning is another name of enjoying the game, and hence we have a game for you called as the "Live Fire".

The game is based on the fact that the "Separatist Droid have attacked the planets of the Christophsis and Teth and have taken over the vital data packs that must be taken away from them as they are necessary to the republic of the planet". So your work in the gameplay is to beat the army of the Droids and collect the different data packs. Once you have received the data packs, you will be able to open the new maps, new clone army and also new features of the game.

The game is easy to play as you do not have to download anything but only to go to the website and start the game play. It is entirely free to play and also one of the most exciting and fantastic star wars game. Give your best while playing, have patience and win while improving your tactics.

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