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Rogue Squadron

This is a perfect game for Star Wars fans who have always wanted to drive a spaceship and shoot enemy spaceships out of the sky. The game is free to play and features excellent graphics.


This game allows you to set your own graphics quality settings making sure that the game runs smooth on all systems. You can also enable the help mode if you are playing the game for the first time. It will guide you through the game about the controls and the concept of the game.

Rogue Squadron has a cool feature of making your own cheats and using them in the game. You can enable or disable them anytime you want to. There are three different missions that are based on three different episodes. Each episode is harder than the previous one. You have to reach the checkpoint while shooting incoming drones and spaceships out of the sky with your own spaceship.

Each droid or spaceship you destroy will get you scores. Your ship also comes with a shield that gets damaged if attacked. The game has really good graphics and a brilliant, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to play for anyone.

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