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The cutest game that you have ever played is in front of you right now. Impressed by the concept of the "Star wars", this game is also about the stars and the galaxies. The story of the game is quite mainstream. There is an evil space station that has the power of destroying the whole planet. A warrior starts fighting the space station and restore the freedom. There are many hurdles and bosses involve in the game. More than that there are different hurdles that you have to avoid.

In the game you have to play like that special warrior who tends to fight for its planet alone. You have to move fast and avoid the robots and other enemies that come in your path. The game allows you to be casual and relax. All you have to do is to avoid the hurdles that come in your path and make your way through the magical sword that is in your hands. The game is quite an attraction, especially if you are looking for something that release your tension and make your mood light a bit. There is no health bar involved in the game. You have to pass the maps and the levels and if you get wasted the game restarts from the start of the map.

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