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Yoda Battle Slash

Yoda battle slash is a flash and interesting star wars game. It is mainly an online game. It is a good game with many new features. The star wars games mainly show the struggle of the good and bad. Players of this game need to play with intellect because every wrong move will make it difficult to proceed in the game. If you are a newcomer, then you have to be very conscious about the instructions of the game. It is your responsibility to see minutely every step so that you can complete every step of the game and can reach the destination of success. In this game, you have to defend the Republic fleet and need to destroy the droids to prevent the attack. You have to destroy those droids which are attacking and sent by the Sith. Here Sith is the evil character against whom you have to fight to win the game. While playing the game, you can collect some special items that can be used as attacking tools. Even you will be given some more special options, to play the game smoothly and to overcome the obstacles that you need to face while fighting against the attacking droids. One key feature is the evil character; that is Sith. As a player, you have to be aware of every step of the evil character because you can proceed to the next level, only if you can complete the previous step. And you can do that if you can identify the intention of the evil character, Sith.

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